the uncertainty of dwelling
Book Design

Impossible Return of Nina Lecerf by Anastasia Kirillova, set to the sounds of Russian films, consists of footage shot in the depths of Siberia and across Russia on board the Trans-Siberian. The piece is accompanied by a book with a long essay exploring the concept of home vs movement and portrayals of home in the Russian cinema.

This Book and film are about returning to a female character’s homeland she dwells on the ‘forgotten’ inside the Russian home. A real journey takes her onto the Trans-Siberian railway, where she crosses her entire homeland. Along the way, she dips in and out of train dreams, visions of films that emerge either from the screens on the train or her own memory and character observations of the people she meets along her journey. Mainly, she wanted to show its frostiness of the film in the book as well. So, A Tracing paper is chosen as the cover jacket with white print in order to express frost on the window like inside the film.
Anastasia says this is a form of a screenplay, or rather a story, which the film-in-the-making is based on. It is a contemporary adaptation of this female character, taking place after the events inside the book, yet with a clear grounding inside them.

you can enjoy the trailer of the film on Vimeo and Visit web site
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