FGW, An abbreviation for 'Full of Graphics is the World', was a name of exhibition in 2012 in London and then founded a design studio on the premise of collaborative interdisciplinary designers working together in South Korea. Our members of FGW believe that a well-defined graphic is the starting point for pivotal and long-term success. This is why we dig deep to get to know your brand before we even think about picking up our sketch pads. As your creative partner, we listen to what you have to say and ask questions — thought provoking questions that make you stop and think. Our team has experience and expertise in art direction, advertising, consulting, design systems, identity, illustration, posters, promotion, product branding, signage and website design.

Also We aspire toward multi-disciplinary creative studio specializing in design craftmanship and creative use of enduring design solutions. Serving a range of clients from start-ups to legacy brands, our process is highly collaborative. By applying creative, critical thinking to these different channels, we change people’s perceptions and create the brands of the future. We work to translate the ethos of your brand into fresh, thoughtful, and engaging visual content; at the heart of every project are your communication goals and vision.
Goya C.
Goya is a graphic designer and an art director who currently lives and works in Seoul. She received her MA from Royal College of Art and worked in London and Dubai before returning to Seoul.

Daniel Linwood
Daniel is a graphic designer and an art director who loves living abroad to enjoy different cultures and currently living in London. He's closely cooperated with international designers and artists.

Kyoungmi Kim
Kyoungmi is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer who currently lives and works in Paris.
Packaging Design
Print Production
Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
Website Design