10 Mins Illegal Exhibition
Branding & Identity

10 Mins Illegal Exhibition is being planned an art performance to share art works in anywhere for anyone - from streets to galleries - to present Anna Suwalowska’s works for only 10 minutes.

It was initiated by herself in Royal College of Art. She thought having opportunities and reservations for good spaces or galleries are too difficult and costly for young artists. She made decision to get her own exhibition in empty space for short time. Although, 10 minutes is too short time, however it is a powerful way to engage your mind and eyes.
We wanted to give her an identity for the performance to be recognised easily by BI design. So, I emphasised a design concept on its duration and designed it as an icon whose shape is 10/60 mins portion of the clock. Also the colours of each minute is changeable as her paint palette based on the main drawings of each exhibition. In leaflets, we used a dir-cut window to revel her paint as if you can see it only for 10 mins.

You can enjoy more works on her web site
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